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We specializes in developing affordable, custom-software solutions
for small to mid-size businesses, and in providing support for existing
Microsoft Access applications.

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How can I help you?

How can I help you?

See if any of the statements below are familiar.  

If so, maybe we should talk?

"I use Access, but performance is suffering!"

    It might be your equipment, and it might be your tables (improper/inadequate/duplicate indexes), etc.  But more than likely, it is your forms!  If you've been growing, the forms that worked great when you started now take too long to load, and too long to move from record to record.  But this is often easily fixable.  No redesign is needed, just modifications to your existing forms.

"I use Access, but my developer is MIA!"

    Unfortunately, many new businesses get Access databases designed by part-timers.  But now when you need support, that person can only work with you After Hours (after he leaves his full-time job); that is, if you can find him at all!  Maybe you need a full-time, professional developer to support you?

"I may be outgrowing Access!"

    Access does have limitations, and maybe after a while you may start hitting them.  One very viable option is to upsize to SQL Server to act as your backend database, but still use Access as your frontend data (preserving much of your investment in your database design).   

"I use Word and/or Excel to run my business!"

    Fine products, and I use them.  But they are what I would call "personal productivity software".  They are not multi-user, and they often don't provide any good ways to get info back out when you need it!  What good is that nifty Word invoice you can print if you can't find the # of widgets you sold last year, or when a customer last placed an order?

"I spend too much time in front of my computer!"

    I make my living sitting in front of a computer.  For most people, though, sitting in front of a computer doesn't make them money; it is overhead!  In fact, it takes away from the time they have available to produce income!  Getting data into the computer should flow naturally from what you need to do, and getting information out should be fast and easy.  If it isn't, maybe you need some help?


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