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We specializes in developing affordable, custom-software solutions
for small to mid-size businesses, and in providing support for existing
Microsoft Access applications.

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Custom Software

What is custom software?

Now, I know that you can go out and buy QuickBooks (or some other such program) and get modules for Order Entry, Inventory, Invoicing, etc. And while they all allow for some customization, you quickly find out that most of the changes you make are to your operations to make them conform with the program requirements!

Custom software is simply software that has been designed specifically for your company. It works the way you work, and uses the same terminology you use.

 I really prefer to call it "Custom Software Solutions", since it is much more than just automating your current procedures. The entire process consists of evaluating how you operate, to suggest the best possible combination of hardware and software.

For example, I was designing an Order Entry and Production application for a new customer. Their old system would print a day's Shipping Labels (4 to a sheet), which were then manually cut and matched to a work order. I suggested attaching a label printer to the PC in Packing/Shipping. Now when they scan the barcode for a finished Work Order, the Shipping Label will automatically print. Simple? Yes. Obvious? Maybe, but I bet that no off-the-shelf software would have come up with that suggestion!

What about costs?
Is custom software more expensive than off-the-shelf software?
Yes it is. But you are paying for exactly what you want, and you aren't paying for options and features you don't want or can't even use.

The client I mentioned above figures he paid for his software in 6 months! Now, I can't promise everyone will have such an immediate payback, but I believe you will start seeing tangible benefits in increased productivity and/or reduced operating expenses.

Generally I will produce a fixed-price quote for your application.
This way you know going in what the cost will be;
no surprises, no hidden fees.

Typical Applications
While I have worked on alot of different applications over the years, my most recent Access applications include:

Order Entry & Production

Invoicing and Receivables

Travel Agency

Heating A/C

Contact Manager

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